2011: When IP was King

2011: The Year Intellectual Property Trumped Civil Liberties http://t.co/TyBWYzvm “Any civil liberties agenda was a complete non-starter with Congress and the Obama administration,” said Cindy Cohn, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal director. “They had no interest in finding any balance in civil liberties.” * * * All told, the government has seized more than 350 […]

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American Internet Policy: Made in China?

  A recent study sponsored by Columbia University’s The American Assembly project revealed the prevailing American attitude towards copyright infringement. The article can be found at this link http://bit.ly/uirbci. The study reveals a people who overwhelmingly oppose the goals of the Congress in seeking to pass the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) and the “PROTECT […]

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Copyright in the News: Dinosaurs and Leprechauns

  Poison Face Copyright Lawsuit – Noisecreep http://aol.it/vxAXU5  Glam metal heroes Poison are being sued for copyright infringement. The suit comes from Billy McCarthy and James Stonich and dates all the way back to the ’80s.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lawsuit was filed Oct. 19th in Illinois federal court. Talk about Laches, nothing […]

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The Protect IP Act: Big Brother’s Nickname is “PIPA.”

  If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. ~ George Washington (1732-1799) At the expense of legitimate commerce, PIPA’s prescription takes an overreaching approach to policing the Internet when a more balanced and targeted approach would be more effective. The collateral […]

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